My name is Jim Slade. During the 'sixties I was a Disc Jockey with Radio Station 5DN from 1962 - 1966, Radio Station 5 KA from 1966 - 1969 and Radio Station 3 DB Melbourne in 1970. I returned to Adelaide a few years ago where I now live and work.

Recently I developed a live show for Baby Boomers. My inspiration for this came from a series of "Sixties" gig that I have been host to recently. These shows have been well attended by Baby Boomers - people who listened to my radio shows "way back when" and who have fond memories of that amazing era.

Armed with this knowledge, I have put together a format to celebrate the life and times of Baby Boomers here and to tap into the  nostalgia of a generation.  Attendees enjoy rock and roll music, interviews with celebrities  they will remember, participate in a Q&A, "Show and Tell" their own memorabilia and have an opportunity to meet people of a similar age and interests.

Each month we have our newsletter and if I don't have your email or postal address please email me at or call 0416 145 156